Travel Info: Be a One Bag Traveler!

Reasons why you should pack lightly, tightly, and rightly.

1. The more bags you have, the more chance you have at losing one!
2. Get through the airport quicker.
3. Don't get stuck at baggage claim.
4. Did I mention you could lose one? or have it stolen!
5. Airlines will now charge for checking that second bag!

Check out this article from the New York Times.
The new fee of $25 for a second bag is being levied by Continental, Delta, Northwest, United and US Airways. The low-fare carrier AirTran has announced that it will charge $10 for a second checked bag. Airlines have long levied fees for checking a third bag. Some carriers have recently increased those as well, and the fees on the major carriers now run as high as $100.
Ew. Taxes, fees and surcharges- oh my!

Love, V

Travel Tools: Travel Blogging Buddies!

I've recently come across a few travel sites I found super useful!

1. GridSkipper- Is a hub of very useful information, dropped by travelers throughout the world. From the best inner city bars, to great flea markets and how to work the local public transport, GridSkipper is a site I wish I'd found on my way to London. :) Another great thing about this site is that it isn't spread too thin- it only focuses on Berlin, London, LA, NY, and Paris- c'est magnifique!

2. Maxim Bungalows- While looking for some bungalows off the beaten path in Belize, I came across this site, which is actually a company/resort in the Dominican Republic- but how cute! I know, it's very specific to the Dominican Republic, but it looks like such a gem of a place, I totally had to share it.

3. London Treasures- Is exactly that- a virtual pocket full of tips and tricks to get you in and around London's most fun spots. What I really like is their info on attractions and events for Children.

4. French Villas- Please just visit the link and TELL me you don't want to stay there! I came across this site when I was fantasizing about hauling ass and moving to France. Le sigh.

Ok that's it for now, enjoy!

Love, V