Travel in Style: Airbus

Since the Concorde doesn't take flight anymore- I guess that's what multiple crashes will do to ya...the world is waiting to see the Airbus! Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a steel than a cloud?

Honestly, I had a blast on the regular Virgin Airlines flight- they give so much free stuff! Everyone got their own TV with movies and video games and music, it was fantastic! We wanted to get seats together, since Grant bought his tickets separately, though we could have used SeatGuru.

Here is a great link to take a virtual tour of the Airbus:

SeatGuru is a neat site that lets you take a peak at your flight- you can see the kind of plane you'll be on, what movies will be playing, and you can of course pick your seat! It really is an awesome online tool and it's great for loonnggg flights, too- that way you can look forward to your online movies, and not be surprised by 'Because of Winn Dixie'...

which, by the way, is an alright movie...I saw it on the way to Paris- and back. Yep, twice.
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