Travel Tools: Trip Organizers

No joke, take a look at the links below.

Don't take 'flight is full' for an answer! Know your passenger rights, visit for full information.

Rule 240.

Before airline deregulation in 1978, Rule 240 was literally a federal requirement. Nowadays, it's a term describing what individual airlines will do for late or stranded passengers. In fact, the major airlines have filed "conditions of carriage" with the U.S. Department of Transporatation (DOT) guaranteeing their respective Rule 240s.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, or if you've missed your flight connection, these policies may give you free meal vouchers, hotel accommodations, phone calls, and other amenities. You may be booked on a substitute flight -- even on another airline -- and you may be compensated or given a full refund if the flight problems persist.

Next stop, fancy travel is for sissies. Be a man, get a backpack, get some foot salve and some baking soda powder for anti chaffing, a map, and ID- hit the road, Jack. This awesome travel blog provides a great list of top backpacking destinations- check it out! From Nicaragua to India, Nepal to Thailand- tons of information for the adventurous traveler. [That's you!]

Ok, so maybe you're bad at planning and picking your own travel adventures. That's cool, use somebody else's. A new site called TripWiser now allows users to post their successful itineraries, so that you can partake in their fun! It's cool because people create trips like 'Weekend Boston trip with kids in mind,' so you can very specifically choose a trip that's tailored to your needs!

Another fellow travel blogger has posted a great list on planning and executing your travel plans. To be more specific, he's got tips on making your 'Travel Dream a Reality." There are a lot of good points and I certainly encourage you to visit!

Do you use evites? Evites are a great way to share your plans with a group of people, but they're not exactly meant for planning multiple-people travel adventures! That's where sites like triporama and triphub come in! You can use these sites to send 'invitations' to your travel mates, to share plans, itineraries and schedules, update eachother on travel prices, everything you would typically have to do through a looonnggg string of emails. You can assign tasks to people, like searching for airfare, finding activities to do, or booking a hostel. Definitely a great find!

Yay for cooperation! Triporama is my favorite, it's easier and a lot more user friendly.
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