Travel in Style: Passport Wallets

They're called passport wallets, cases, sleeves, holders, covers, sheets- it's hard to find them all! While it was no easy feat, I found a handful of awesome passport thingies to make you feel like a well-classed traveler. If you're like me, you'll see which one you like best, buy a yard of boldly colored fabric from Wal-Mart, whip out the bedazzler or glue gun, and fancy your own!

For the classic traveler, simple and affordable!

Her Point of View, in terra cotta, charcoal, or my favorite, sunkiss- $20

Modern Agent has these awesome His and Hers passport wallets! You can buy them individually, or snag them both for $37! Each is £9.95, or $20. Very cute!

For the classy traveler, less means more!

St. Tropez has a more fun, snake skin approach! Get the pink "Window Seat" one or the lime "First Class," either are $25.

Bold and colorful, Tepper Jackson's line of passport cases will be easy to spot in your bag or overstuffed carryon, but worth the $26-$30 price range? You tell me.

For the first-class traveler, nothing but the best!

If you want to help a sistah out, get a breast cancer awareness passport holder, in pink or black. Just £13.50, which is actually a pretty pence at nearly $27. Beat Cancer, here and abroad!

These are hot! Soft leather, hand-stiched and embossed, John Lewis's items are worth the $30, £15, price tag. The raspberry one is my favorite, super sleek! Would be a major luxury item for me, though.

Found these on a bridal gifts site, simple soft covers to give as bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts. I LOVE the idea! A pretty good steal for that purpose at $35. Lots of colors, and you could have them engraved!

For the world-class, exotic one-of-a-kinds!

Another UK find! I guess when you live so close to 'the continent,' you're bound to do a bit of travel on a monthly basis...Anyway, Radley has gorgeous passport wallets, in a plethora of colors, but all still hand-stitched leather. A mere £19.99, or painful $40, unless you want to ultra sleek Bond-esque wallet for a cool $45. A major splurge, but oh so pretty!
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  1. If they had a Madonna passport wallet I'd be ALL OVER that shit!