Travel Planning: What planning?

I'm a stickler for plans- I like itineraries, maps, guidelines, deadlines, schedules, all that jazz. Having a plan for your trip, or even a day out on the town, is the best way to get all you want to get done accomplished.

However, sometimes this doesn't work. The devil fools with the best laid plans, after all. Be ready to accept that, and -surprise- have a back-up plan! The devil is only busy enough to mess with your plan once, so make sure you have a back-up. I just finished reading a great travel book, lonely planet's Tokyo City Guide. What I love about this guide book is that it highlighted a lot of hidden Tokyo hotspots. When you're visiting a city where walking is key, make sure you allot time for 'Hey, look at this!' type stops. This guidebook is great because I can now plan on stopping by!

Sometimes, running behind schedule, missing a train, or forgetting your ticket is the least of your worries- those are all your own fault. You should have back-up plans for things you can't control, like the weather, a city-worker strike [no joke], or say, a natural disaster [Japan has had 2 earthquakes in the past couple of weeks!!]. Rain is far more pleasant, so we'll use that as an example! Pack your day with as many in-door activities and places to visit as possible, but keep in mind that if it rains, chances are outside areas, like parks and promenades may be empty- so don't completely knock them off your list.

Ideas for rainy days:
Seeing a movie
Visiting a church
Visiting a museum/gallery

Bad ideas for rainy days:
Sports match
Amusement park
Walking tour

Check out this list of things to do in Japan, rain or shine!
Yahoo! Things to do

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