Travel Tools: Bundle Folding

So I'm getting ready to start packing for Japan- Yeah I know, the trip isn't until late September, but who can wait! I'm already picturing the outfits I'm taking along- not because I'm a serious modern fashionista, but because I don't like bringing clothes I a) won't wear and b) don't want cluttering my suitcase.

Here's my plan of action, as far as clothes:
1) thin items I can layer
2) cotton unmentionables, only 3 -yep. 3.
3) pair of jeans
4) cotton skirt/ sundress
5) 3 pairs of flats

Done. That'll certainly last the 8 days we're there. Now, I'll be [gulp] sharing a suitcase that we'll be [double gulp] checking. This goes against everything I am, especially on international flights! However, it'll be mostly empty, and I'll still have my carry on. I still want to save space, so I found this neat guide on how to 'bundle' your outfits together. It's pretty neat.
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