Travel Buyables: Vintage Luggage

Two words: Old luggage. I love love love vintage luggage! I have a pretty decent collection, too! When shopping for luggage, never go looking for it. I've never bought a piece of luggage that I was looking for. More so, I'm surprised by their presence in local thrift shops, antique stores, garage sales, and vintage shops.

Most of the stuff I've bought has been under $5. You have to set rules when you go shopping- period. Doesn't matter what you're shopping for, always have a price limit in mind. Me, for example? Well, I don't buy pants over $9, I don't buy dresses over $30 and I don't buy luggage over $5. It's great! Here are a couple of my favorites.

This is clearly from the late 60's to mid 70's- I'm unable to find a year on it, but the pattern, the colors, and the fabric/materials used help pinpoint its era of manufacture. It's got two metal zippers, the main having a large lock at the end of the zipper trail. The inside is a light orange/yellow vinyl material with an embossed paisley pattern. It has a green vinyl trim and a heavy, plastic handle. It's not very big, and it's thin so I use it for 3-day to a week trips.
The next piece is also from the 60's, but it's much smaller. It's a bowling bag! I found this in a thrift store and bought it for 50 cents. It is a bright blue with a wonderful white handle. It's in great shape, I cleaned the hell out of it with some Windex, and I use it for overnight stays, to 3 days. It meets the 'carry on' standard measurements, so I don't have to check it, either. Plus, it's completely adorable, hello!?
There are some fantastic websites for buying old luggage- but like I said, I don't spend over $5. Here's a good website for sprucing up your luggage treasure, too.
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