Things To Do: Visit a Dead Guy

Before I forget, I just wanted to share that another cheap and interesting thing you can do when you're visiting someplace new is look up if any well-known individuals are buried in the area.

For example, I just went to Seattle and visited both Bruce and his son, Brandon, Lee's graves, as well as Jimi Hendrix's. These are people you've never met, or would have never met in your life, but by visiting their gravesite, you can pay a few minutes of respect, do a grave rubbing, or just take-in their last resting place.

Here is a great site to double check the final resting place of life's who's who: What's cool about Find A Grave is that you can even look people up, like family members! I didn't find any family members, but I'll upload a photo of a note left at Jim Morrison's grave, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France:
Wikipedia also has a list of notable cemeteries, separated by country, so be sure to check those out, too!
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