Travel Buyables: Prescription Swimming Goggles!

So there I was, getting my swim on, enjoying the luxury of living 50 miles from a wonderfully secluded and brilliant beach. The sun was shining, the sand was a lovely mix of tiny fragments of broken shells, and I was accompanied by one of my very most favorite people, Sam.

We'd sneaked a six-pack of Heineken onto the beach, and swaddled our bottles in towels- which was more out of the sense of adventure than actual concealment because like I said, the beach was deserted.

I wandered out into the water, waist deep, to rinse sand out from certain areas when I heard 'Nicky!' and I turned around- 'What!'...but it was too late. What I interpreted as getting my attention was actually a warning for the massive wave that threw me to the ground, scraping my knees and face on the sandy bottom- and worse, catapulting my glasses into the water.

Yep, the sea had had its revenge on me, and swallowed my awesome black, plastic glasses. You know, the trendy ones that are a testament to the fact that I work in a quirky web 2.0 type of company- now how would they know!?

Sigh, anyway, they were gone. Swallowed, stolen, engulfed by the most powerful element on the planet. At that point I wish I'd had those kinds of glasses with the elastic strap, like goggles, like the ones basketball players wear!

So, if you wear glasses, and like me, wear them when you swim, shower, bowl- whatever- it would be worth your time to invest in prescription swimming goggles, like the ones below!
Z Leader Specter Swimming Goggles Description
  • Item #: 11842

  • One piece universal fit bridge design
  • Leak-proof polyseal
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Lens design is flat to eliminate vision distortion
  • Molded split strap for secure fit
  • Enhanced peripheral vision
  • 100% UV protection and anti-fog lenses
  • Available in 3 color options, shown below (lens color/strap color): smoke/silver, clear/black, and blue/blue
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  1. Just think, somewhere there's a shark with better vision, so now he can eat more baby seals.

    Way to go, V!