Travel Buyables: The Cabin Cuddler

Lately, I've been flying a LOT. I'm against checking luggage, and have only had to do it when I bought a gazillion board games and had to bring them back to Orlando- that was a pain. At least it didn't cost me money, though.

Unfortunately, some airlines are starting to charge for such small amenities as water, pillows, and blankets. There is an episode of 'The King of Queens,' where Arthur walks into the kitchen where Doug and Carrie are dressed up for a night on the town and Arthur says, "Why are all dressed up? Are you flying somewhere?" And I love that because it alludes to the more glamorous years when flying was for the privileged, and a seat on plane meant much more than getting from point a to point b, it was almost a status symbol- a break away from the typical station-wagon journey. In any case, aside from planes being overstuffed with bags, noisy/unruly children, and rude tourists, passengers now have to put up with general discomfort during the flight.

On the last flight I was on, Alaska Airlines didn't have enough blankets or pillows, but I saw some people greedily picking up 3 or 4. I saw individuals who used the blanket just for their feet- wear socks for crying out loud! Now, I am very well prepared for cold, because I am ALWAYS cold, always. Sometimes, I'm even cold in the sun! I know, it's awkward. Anyway, I would like to buy a travel blanket for flights, but I'm just concerned with having to lug one more thing around when I travel- that's why I'm reallllyyyy glad that I got to try one out before buying! SocialSpark has an opportunity for the Cabin Cuddler, a travel blanket that folds into a pillow case- and has a little pocket for your feetsies! We got some samples at work and I just had to try it, since I'm always freezing at work. It was amazing, it's so thin, but it keeps you SO warm, and the foot pocket is phenomenal. I had to give it back, but I'm definitely buying one.
At $30, it's hardly 'affordable,' but it is totally 'worth it.' If I spend the $7-8 buying a pillow/blanket, I'll have made up for it in 3 flights! I just LOVE this idea. LOVE IT.
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