Flashback Trip: Chicago 2005

As I mentioned in a previous post, Kevin and I decided to fly to Chicago. Why? Well, why not? Kevin is as big a travel freak as I am and any chance we can leave, we do. Florida sucks anyway. All of those who want to travel to Florida? There are better places to go! Trust me!

Anyway, we decided we'd go to Chicago. We'd decided this in mid September, by the 21st, we'd purchased our tickets. This was easy because I happened to be on buzz.kayak and Chicago was the cheapest flight, one way for $67.50- EACH! This was clearly, a no-brainer. The flight had on a company called Independence Airlines.

Independence was a nice flight! Clean and very friendly! Unfortunately, right before our trip, Independence sent us an email, thanking us for our patronage, but apologizing becuause the company was bankrupt. No wonder it was so cheap..!

We bought our flight back from Continental, direct through their site [cheaper!] for $77.70 each. So, roundtrip, our flight was $145 each- super duper cheap!

Kevin went home and immediately called both Oprah and the Jerry Springer show. Oprah was booked, Jerry's peeps said if they had tickets, they'd call in a few weeks. Our flight was from Orlando to Chicago with a stop in Washington DC's Dulles airport. While on the flight, Kevin and I engaged in this very famous conversation:

Kevin: Hmmm....[scanning the map of the US] I can't see where Chicago is...how many hours behind are they, like 5? [Kevin continues to scan the MidWest...FAR west...in fact, he's tracing his finger over Nevada/California].

Me: What? No it's like an hour, if that- I'm not really sure...Chicago is over here, Kevin [I point to the Great Lakes].

Kevin: [very confused, I can't stop laughing]..Yeah but what about all those pictures of the water? and the Pier?

Me: Lake Michigan? [I can't stop laughing]

Kevin: Oh. I'm not good at geography. [he closes the map] I was wondering why our flight was so short, I thought it'd take 5 hours!
Kevin's a LOT of fun and there is really nobody I'd rather travel with. Even though he yelled at me in Paris for picking a place that was too expensive to eat. It wasn't. :)

So we get to Chicago late, but we had plans! There was an AMC up the street, we bought tickets to go see Harry Potter, opening night! We waited in line for 3 hours, but Kevin bought this toy called 20Q and it was well-worth it. We visited a LOT of museums for free, we ended up in the first row of Jerry Springer, we sat next to Brian Setzer in Giordano's pizza, and we even ran into Jerry Springer [note: Security guards CANNOT take good pictures!] All in all, it was one of the most memorable trips we've taken. Below is a small slideshow, with only a handful of pictures we took in Chicago- enjoy!

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