Travel Buyables: Travel Pillows!

Whenever we roadtrip, Kevin brings his pillow. An actual pillow, off of his bed. I tend to bring one of three things: a large Homer Simpson plush doll, a black squishy square pillow or a soft black neck pillow in the shape of a little bear.

Comfort is a must! I like the Homer doll because I like to hug something when I sleep, it's also foldable, but then it becomes kind of bulky. The squishy pillow is great, it's filled with a zillion tiny microscopic styrofoam balls so it molds to anything [I think!] and the material is a slick, polyester, which holds warmth. The great thing about this one is that it has a zippered pocket in the back, which I can fit my iPod, spare headphones, my electronic Sudoku game, an extra battery AND a pen! The last one is great, it's neck-shaped, and I turn it around so that the 'C' is around one side of my neck, since I tilt my head to the side when I sleep.

Note on My iPod
It broke, it just won't play and Apple has terrible customer service :(

A Short Occurrence from a Recent Flight
This week, my co-worker Ashley [a guy] and I traveled to NY for a blogging conference, Blogher. I fell asleep on the flight, of course, hugging my squisky black square. I woke, up, however, because my head was extremely hot. It felt like somebody left a straightening iron on my scalp for 30 minutes- also, it smelled like burning hair. Apparently, the sun had heated the thin, plastic shade so much that it had ACTUALLY burned my scalp and hair! Ouch! Stupid sun!
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