Sun/wind burns, Chafing, Sore Feet and Stiff Neck Fixes

There's nothing worse than having a trip ruined by something as preventable as the aforementioned items. Incase you skipped the title, for whatever reason, I will list them again:
  • Sun/wind Burns
  • Chafing
  • Sore Feet
  • Stiff Neck
These are all easily treatable, and even more easily prevented! Whether you're visiting a sun drenched spot or dry, blistering freeze blast of a city, your skin is going to take a beating. Two things: sunblock and moisturizer. I've found the best source of two-in-one is Oil of Olay's basic face moisturizer has an SPF of 20 and the little travel tubes work great.

Chafing. Well, this one's a bother. If you've already chafed, that sucks. Here's what you do, wash. Then powder up with Arm and Hammer's - it's in a green bottle and it does the trick. It took us YEARS to figure that out, but Kevin is a huge proponent of anti-chafing so he set everyone straight. Also, I hear that for guys, boxer-briefs instigate less friction.
Tip: Don't do a theme park where you WILL get wet and then walk around in your jeans for 2 hours. Bring an extra pair of shorts or something.

My feet hurt all the time. So do Kevin's. I have falling arches and Kevin has completely flat feet. Kind of like a duck, really. Anyway, the only way to combat achy feet is to buy sturdy insoles for your shoes. I like Dr. Scholls, personally. The ones that provide extra heel support as well as arch support. I also make sure to wear the comfiest in shoes. Especially when I know I need to do a lot of walking.

As far as the stiff neck goes, I have found that it happens because I don't have my usual pillow with me. Maybe Kevin has it right, maybe I should just pull a pillow off of my bed and bring it, but I don't. I do, however, use that squishy black travel pillow a LOT! It's completely moldable and it helps me neck out a ton. Get yourself a nice squishy travel pillow, for reals.
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