Travel Ease: Buzz Kayak Sunday Top Ten Getaways

I checked out Kayak this morning to see where the cheapest flights are going to...sort of like a virtual turn the globe and place your finger on a random spot. So, it looks like for less than $150 you get fly from Orlando to some pretty spectacular spots!

1 and 2. $117 Orlando to Washington or Philly!

Awesome, download 'Eye of the Tiger' or the Rocky Theme song by Bill Conti into your iPod and go the distance! Then find the Rocky statue and take many a photo of yourself jumping in the air! Don't forget to visit the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin's first public library or take a train/car ride down to Gettysburg for some Civil War reenactments-or better yet, visit Pennsylvania's Amish country.

Washington DC is pretty basic, lots of walking! Visit all the places I listed in my last post: Holocaust Museum, Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, the Washington Monument, the museums of Modern Art and Natural History, etc.

3. $121 Orlando to Fort Lauderdale

Honestly, I hate Florida. I would hate to fly out of Orlando and still be in Florida, so this one, while cheap, not worth it for me. The only thing relevant about Fort Lauderdale is that's where the kid was from in that movie, Flight of the Navigator. Compliance!

4. $126 Orlando to Charlotte, North Carolina

Now this is what I'm talking about! From sand blowing in your eyes to the smell of mountain pine trees! You can white water raft, go tubing on the lazier rivers, find a ski lodge with a nice hot tub in the snow, etc. Charlotte is a beautiful city with sprawling landscapes, majestic oak trees, brick campuses, and diverse multi-cultural center.

5, 6, 7, and 8. $137 Orlando to Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis and New York!

Are you serious? Ok, let's to Baltimore first. The port is beautiful and their aquarium is phenomenal. Lots of museums and history packed into this little town. A quaint place for shopping and uppity dining. If you're feeling fancy, slap on a dress, some shiny heels, and splurge on dinner in one of the seaside restaurants.

Chicago! The Second City, named so due to the extensive rebuilding that took place after the great fire. Read my previous posts on Chicago. Definitely a city worth visiting. Try to get tickets to Jerry Springer, eat Chicago deep dish at a Giordano's, visit MoSI and the Museum of Modern Art. Go to Navy Pier and drool over the sailors. Seriously.

I've never been to Indianapolis, but I think I'd definitely go. Placing 'visit Indianapolis' in Google popped up their symphony, a motorway, and the official site of the Colts. Those three things are a trip in themselves! I'd LOVE to go here, wander the city in the day time, have a fancy dinner and then the symphony one night; spend a day at the motorway cheering on cars that drive in circles, and then a Sunday football game!? An ideal vacation, I know. I've also just read that Indianapolis has the world's largest children's museum and North America's largest water clock, whatever that is! Sounds awesome, though! What do you say, Kevin...Indianapolis, yay or nay? Remember that show Eerie Indiana...nobody remembers that show!

New York is pretty simple. Go. I'm there right now. Flying back to Orlando in no less than...4 hours. I love it here, but I'm a Boston girl. You should still go, though!

9. $139 Orlando to Nashville

Mmmmmm country music... I'm not a huge fan, that's true, but! I'm sure you can walk into any night club or bar and run into some serious music talent! Looking at the official site for tourisn, I'm a little thrown by the girl, photographed in mid-writh...she reminds me of the red-headed Oracle in the movie '300.' I feel like any moment now, one of her nips is going to pop-out, then sure, I'll visit Nashville. I do love the layout and design of the site, though! They are very music oriented, so I would be prepared to leave extra room in your suitcase for people handing out their demos. Looks like June is the best time to visit, a plethora of music festivals await you!

10. $140 Orlando to Norfolk, Virginia

Honestly, I love Virginia, so I'm biased, but Norfolk looks amazing. The water, the city, the museums. Norfolk looks like you could just wander around the town and satisfied. I would, anyway. There are a ton of museums, mainly because the city is nearly 400 years old! My favorite thing, I think, is this theatre: Granaby Theatre. Built in 1915, it served as a Vaudeville theatre and has been restored to its 'original splendor!' It would definitely be worth a visit.

You go, Kayak!
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  1. OMG -- I remember Eerie Indiana! On the show, didn't Elvis live in that town??!! I think the kid was just on an acid trip, but that's my own interpretation of the story.

    Anyway, Indianapolis sounds awesome! We could go during the football season!!! The Bucs play the Colts IN...yes IN...Indianapolis this year!!!!

    I can get tickets! We can make a 3-4 day thing out of Chicago!

    I'll know the NFL schedule in a few days...