Things To Do: Go See a Movie!

I'm not quite sure why, but it just so happens I've gone to see movies while I'm traveling and they've all been exceptional experiences. I think going to see a movie is great! For one, you get to see a movie: w00t! Secondly, it's cool to see a movie because it's relaxing, it's only a couple of hours, and it's something your whole group can do- it's also relatively cheap [unless you're in England...]. Thirdly, saying, 'I saw that film in Paris,' is just as awesome as 'I bought that in Paris.' So, why not?

Flashback: Nov 2005
Kevin and I land in Chicago, exhausted but excited, we set out to explore. It's already late and most things are closed, so we grab some food and decide to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It's opening night and we've actually planned ahead for this, we buy our tickets and wait the 3 hours before the film. Kevin buys this electronic game, 20Q and time is passed in hilarity. The movie is phenomenal and I cried. We walk back to our hotel thoroughly satisfied!

Flashback: June 2006
Andrew, Kevin and I head to North Carolina, where none of us get phone reception and my car is trusted to take us there and bring us back! Well, we made it, and while we were there we stepped out one night to see the newest Adam Sandler movie, Click. From the previews, it appeared that Adam's character gets his wish in a remote 'to control [his] universe,' and hilarity would ensue. Well, while there were some very very funny parts, the movie left me sobbing. It was such a downer, but it was sooo good! Loved it. Loved it.

Flashback: Dec 2006
After a loonnnggg day of packing in as much French history and culture [read: crepes in the park outside of the Louvre, a full day of riding the Metro and ducking gypsies, an Eiffel Tower visit at 7:30AM, marching down the Champs Elyssees to the Arc de Triomphe, etc.] we were beat. We'd toyed with the idea of seeing a movie, but Grant was skeptical and Kevin and I were really pulling for this weird 'Arthur et les Minimoys' film we kept seeing posters of. Picture an animated kid with spiky hair surrounded by weird pixie things. Yeah. We won out, however, and the movie turned out to be awesome! It was just the picker-upper we needed and the Paris theatre was actually really neat! The layout and seating is totally unique. We clambered outside in the cold to try and snag a picture with the movie poster and our excited 'thumbs up!' faces. It took about 9 tries, since the poster was on a rotation and it was hard to time! We had an awesome time recognizing the voices, too [..Is that ...Madonna?! Oh my god, Snoop Dog!? that ROBERT DeNIRO!? SHUT UP!!!]

Flashback: March 2007
I'm in New York and last night I decided to go see a movie with my friend, Ryan. I guess we're not late-night city folk, so this was perfect. The movie, was also damn funny. We went to see Wild Hogs and I was surprised at how amusing and entertaining the film actually was! The AMC was cramped and on 3 stories, but it was clean and full of kids. We got there early so we watched the first few minutes to Premonition, which I really want to see now. Anyway, it was really fun and I can't stress how fun movies are when you're traveling! Seeing this with my old friend was like hanging out in old times- we joked and laughed and enjoyed the simplicity of just seeing a movie together.

Check out the Paris theatre in all it's glory, via slideshow, of course!
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1 Response
  1. What a great theater in Paris!

    Good to hear that Wild Hogs was entertaining. I kind of had a deep-down feeling that I wanted to see it, but didn't want to be disappointed.

    I will now go watch the splendor that is 3 white men and one black man on the big screen.