Travel Tips and How To's: Packing Light

There is no need to travel with nine 'luggages,' as I say in my video. That's the weirdest spoken typos...but oh well. I've learned that the best way to pack is to roll up your clothes. It also helps keep them wrinkle-free and it's easier to roll entire outfits together, if need be. I tend to pack a lot of black stuff, it goes with everything, it's slimming, and if absorbs heat [good for cold places]. Follow my standard rule of packing thin tshirts and shirts, that way you can layer if you need to.

Note: I did not buy that green hat, it's Kevin's. I think I said I 'bought' it in my video, I meant 'brought.' Thank you, Kevin!

Wearing Scarves
There are three scarves that I like to bring, and I roll them up all together. They are a beige fancy one, a looonngg black and purply one, and a short fleece black one. You can wear all three in very specific, different ways.

The beige scarf is kind of short, so the only cute way to wear it is to fold it in half, and bring the two ends through the loop. It stays in a nice fluffed circle around your neck. This is good for wearing bigger jackets, or jackets that have a high collar.

I really like this scarf, the neutral color doesn't wash-out my face, it's delicate enough to wear with a nice dress, and it looks great with a simple long-sleeved black shirt.

The black scarf is also short, but it doesn't have all the holes that the beige scarf does; it's just a simple rectangle of black fleece. I love this scarf because it keeps my neck REALLY warm.

The only way I like to wear this scarf is to place the scarf like a blanket across my back, and then fold over each end over my shooulders. It acts as a removeable turtle-neck pretty much. The black makes it sleek enough to wear out with a dress, but just like the beige scarf, it's classic with a sweater or long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans.

The other cool thing about this scarf is that I can leave it as is, and then wear a sweater over it, so that the ends are tucked into the sweater. I think in England I was able to wrap my hands up in this baby and use it as a make-shift muff. Ha ha ha! Ingenius!

...and the last one...

This is my favorite scarf. It's reaaallllyyy long. It's made kind of neat, as you can see, with all the holes in it, but it's still super warm because the length allows you to literally wrap yourself in it.

This scarf is cool because if I wear it just placed around my neck, the ends hang down just around mid-thigh, creating a very elongated look. Which is great because I'm short and round! I also like to wear it with dresses or shirts that are a little low-cut, because it acts as a nice cleaveage-hider. No joke! The wrap dress I have is kind of deep and this scarf is amazing for it. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with flaunting what you have, but at a conference for women, the last thing I want to do is portray myself as an object.

Anyway, everybody should have these three scarves. Black and beige are my style since they go with everything, very nice!

I brought 3 accessories with me. A silk scarf, black; a long necklace made of three strands of black beads, and a green 'cool kid' hat that belongs to kevin.

The scarf is awesome, I can fold it up and use it as a headband, if I want to go to a church I can wear it as a head scarf, I can wear it as a fancy neck scarf, or I can even fold it up and wind it around my wrist to make a trendy, wide bracelet-type deal.

The necklace is cool because it goes with everything. It's also kind of long so I can double it over and wear it as a shorter, chunkier piece. It works great with a regular tshirt, or a simple wrap dress.

The hat is pretty self explanatory. You put it on your head. :)

When it comes to underwear, please pack what you love. I don't care if there's a hole it in. I don't care if there are bleach stains! Comfort is key! For bras, for example, I don't know about anybody else, but there is one particular one that I LOVE, so I brought that one. As far as underwear and socks, I bring a handful of the most comfortable and I WASH them. That's right! In the morning, when you're taking your shower, wash your skivvies from the day before, and your socks, if they're dirty and smelly! I hate going back home with dirty clothes, if I can help it.
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