Travel Tips and How To's: The One-Bag Packer

I stumbled on a great site today for helping you pack all your belongings into one bag. I'm serious, I have an awesome retro and vintage luggage collection, but I don't like clutter and I don't like hauling bags through airports.

Also, when I travel with people and somebody asks me to help carry one of their 4 bags, I usually say no [until I feel bad and conceded]. My reasoning? I worked hard to pack all my stuff in one bag just so didn't HAVE to carry more bags, you wanted to bring all that? Then YOU carry it!

Just like in Spaceballs...take only what you need to survive!

So here is the link for the One Bag: One-Page Checklist. The site also has pages on luggage and where to get it, etc- a great resource! I buy stuff through-out the year, I keep travel in the back of my mind so I buy 3/4 sleeve stuff, thin stuff I can layer, simple black sweaters I can dress-up or dress down, etc. And, of course, I do it on a tight, tight budget! Case in point, yesterday I drove by a Bealls store that was closing, so I shopped! I got two shirts.

Observe! Each one was $25, but they were 70% off! I paid like $7 for both of them!
[That's my industrial strength hair-dryer, and I can't-live-without-it!!]
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  1. Girl, you know I can't do the "one bag thing." I do love your advice though.

    Hey, I wanted to let you know I changed the url of my blog. It's now located at (I figured the whole "pop-tart" thing didn't have respectable longevity!)

    I've also linked out to your blog from mine!