Travel Buyables and Planning: Transportation

Big cities= big walking.

That means a couple things, comfortable feet and sturdy shoes. I have no arches, and neither does Kevin, so we make sure to have this covered, because we're both pretty cheap when we travel. When we went to Savannah, we covered every square of that city on foot. When we went to Europe, we took full advantage of any available public transportation system. Even our trip to Chicago was wrought with aching feet and endless accomodations to help them recover from the many miles covered.

Here are a few buyables you should consider, from experience:

-Shoes with a thick sole, like Doc Martens or Bumpz
-Don't skimp during the summer, a nice pair of sandals with thick soles is safer and far more durable, but they don't have the advantage of throwing a flimsy and cheap pair of flip-flops out after use
-Desenex, spraying your feet and shoes before a big walking day will keep them dry, which means your travel partners won't freak out over your bodacious foot odor
- Disposable socks, these are awesome! After a long day, just throw them out. On the way home, your bag will be lighter, too!
- Charge your feet by using a nice heat rub at the end of the day- you'll feel a difference!

Now, with all this walking, you certainly have to have your stuff together. The internet is amazing because you can find entire subway, metro, and tube layouts! You can also buy passes online for extended periods of time. Below are a handful of links to get all your city slicker travel needs taken care of. These sites also offer printable maps for your walking convenience!

Paris Metro passes
London Tube passes
Japan Subway tickets
Eurorail tickets
US Amtrak tickets
NYC Subway Info
Boston T Info
Germany Subway passes
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