Travel Tools: BubbleShare

I'm sure you've noticed my super fancy slideshows! I used to use photobucket, but no more! Ashley turned me onto BubbleShare- a neat site that lets you upload your photos and videos and create awesome slideshows from albums. You can also take photos and stick clip-art bits onto them! Sersiously, it's awesome.

That being said, using a free site like BubbleShare is awesome because you can find an internet kiosk or internet cafe nearly everywhere across the globe and unload your packed memory card! I've placed my photos on it from my most recent trips, and I can't wait to get the rest on there. I honestly believe it even beats out Google's Picasa tool.

The only problem with digital cameras/photos is this: you don't print them out! Let's face it, very few people print those out anymore! That's why I love love LOVE my Canon Rebel. It was a gift and I treasure it so much! It takes amazing pictures, but I'm deathly afraid of breaking it, so I rarely take it with me. :(

The second problem is that with digital images, photographers become careless. Since 'film' is expendable, you take pictures of everything! This is a huge waste. I try to keep one of each picture. I delete a LOT- you should, too.

Anyway, below are some slideshows from April's trip to the Blogher conference in NYC with Ashley. Enjoy!

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog
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  3. Love it! We're awesome! Don't forget, I posted our album on my MySpace page as well!