Travel Buyables: Haute Luggage Tags!

You know I don't like checking my bags...but that doesn't mean I can't label my luggage! I recently bought some tags that were on sale at Target, $5 for two. I think they're pretty cute. I looked online and found some pretty nice ones!

The one to the left is from lugtagz. They've got some great mod retro tags with metal bead chains. Freakin' adorable! I love that whole retro feel to things so taking something simple like a plain black bag or a silver lunch box and punching it up with one of these tags is gorgeous.

Target's got these cool motel luggage tags that accomplish the same feel! I swear, Target is the cat's ass when it comes to shopping. [My dad say's that means 'cool,' though I'm skeptical.] The selection at Target is more cutesy than anything else, but thats just the online store. The store itself has some pretty sweet plastic ones with bold colors and sturdy rubbery/plastic straps. I just looked at the back of the tag and it says, 'Bright colors make it easy to identify your bag' and 'Personal identification panel on back of tag.' I guess both of those are good advice.
Some other cool sites and tags:
Visitag's got a neat spin on personalized tags.

This site, aptly called Discount Luggage, has a selection of tags wider than Peter Griffin's butt. Lots to choose from, cutesy to simple, expensive and not-so-much, definitely worth a look!

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  1. These are great! You really make me want to go somewhere!