Travel Buyables: Globalbagtags

Heck of a word, eh? 'Globalbagtags.' It's a pretty important word, though, if you are of the traveling sort. Globalbagtag is essentially a luggage tag with attitude. They have a chip in them which relays all your travel information to a massive computer that they can retrieve and update at any time.

Best of all, all luggage lost that has a Globalbagtag is traceable from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, through their website- technology is amazing! This is a great way to remain pacified, completely sure that all your baggage and valuables are in tact.

Thankfully, I've NEVER lost a piece of luggage- mostly because I try to only carry on my stuff as much as possible. However, I've seen quite a few movies where lost luggage does not a comedy make. Companies like this are pretty neat, and I actually stumbled upon this site and bookmarked it a long time ago, to add to the blog, but kept forgetting.

I can definitely see Globalbagtags as being insanely useful if you're traveling abroad and have many items to keep tabs on, especially if you are technologically savvy and stylish.

Love love love,

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