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I think I'm going to start listing airfare search sites.

Some are so neat- and some are so...boring and weird looking. I came across this site called momondo, and it's very web 2.0. I placed a search to Paris from Orlando and the cheapest flight I retrieved was through Expedia at $1064. Not sure if that's good or not since I'm not comparing it to anything right now, but I like the flashy parts of the site. The sleek black and shiny buttons, like the 'Price Agent' which apparently will send me emails with the latest fares for the search I entered.

The site searches a ton (437, to be exact) 'low cost' airlines- ones I've NEVER heard of...based on the short descriptions of the airlines, I bet this site would be awesome to use as a source for inter-Euro continent travel, or flights from the UK to the mainland, for example, because they list a lot of privately owned airlines. I don't think this would be a good US to Europe source...

Love love loveeee,
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