Travel Buyables: Travelogues & Journals

I save everything. Seriously, when I travel- receipts, movie tickets, metro passes, weird flyers I get from street-cornerfolk- everything! It's always fun to dump all that stuff out when I get home and start every sentence with 'Remember when..!'

I've recently gotten into the habit of taking a notebook with me, so that I can quickly recap the day's activities, and then stick the right receipts, bits of paper, polaroids or whatever within the right pages. When I get home, it's time to scrapbook the hell out of my travels! I just looked at my stylefeed and came across a few travelogues I thought were cute, and here they are!

1. Nomad's Travel Journal, $12
Why you need it: Incredibly simple, offering pre-filled out pages with prompts such as Traveled with, Method of Travel, Accommodations, Tick list, etc.

However: It's in a top-spiral notebook, so you can't really paste and tape a lot of stuff in it- a great notebook for the traveler who loves to write, not the one who collects scraps of paper to tape into books...

2. The Moleskine City Notebook, $18
Why you need it: Ok, these Moleskine people are pretty awesome! These notebooks are not generic, each one is tailored to a specific city: London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, etc. Each includes helpful maps, metro maps, blank pages for your own notes and experiences, as well as tabbed sections for collecting things. So, you buy the book that matches the city you're visiting and voila! You create your OWN tourguide book

However: It's 'pocketsized' which means you may have to cram a lot of stuff in there, which would make it a less attractive memory book.

3. Fred Flare Travel Journal, $27
Why you need it: This is no child's notebook; it's 'heavy duty' and includes a cover-envelope so that you (ok, I) can store all those tickets, metro passes, receipts, etc in! It's also colorful and not as confusing as the Moleskine notebook.

However: It's $27 :(
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