Travel in Style:

So, in keeping with the clean, aesthetically pleasing appeal of my blog, I decided to do a little cleanup. I've removed the Schmapplet application as well as the travel photos from Bubbleshare from the right sidebar.

It's very important to make sure that you don't ruin your readers' blog-reading experience by forcing them to wait while various photo applications, music players, flash widgets- and other virtual knick-knacks load. I guarantee that they are not all useful.

Therefore, I got rid of those and made room for an application from StyleFeeder lets you create lists of items, merchandise and other buyables that fit within your personal style. The site then suggests products to you based on your taste and allows users to latch on and follow your style, if you're a trendsetter. Yep, I have ONE follower :) You can also connect readers to your style, or family to your wishlists by posting them via javascript code onto your blog, as I have done to the right.

What I feel this gadget will do is give me some cool travel-related products to tell you about. For example, we haven't talked about hand-held GPSs, travelogues, airline survival kits, or neat tech travel gadgets in a while! I'll be pulling the latest and lushest products from my stylefeed, yay!
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