Travel Planning: Seattle

So, you're going to Seattle. What to see? What to do? Like any big city, if you're me, you want to get three things out of your visit 1) pictures, 2) history, 3)board games. Ok, so maybe your agenda is different, but as you know, I'm not made of money, so whether you choose to do any of the things on my itinerary, just know that it was completed spending very little money (ok, just ABOVE very little). You can read day-by-day accounts of our trip on Kevin's blog here and here.

1. Visit Pike Place Market, free!
Fresh fish, salmon jerky, mini doughnuts, a creperie, and lots of photo opps- Pike Place is where it's at. All the restaurants have fresh seafood, and you can spend a few hours just walking around the historic area.

2. Visit Pioneer Square, free! and the Underground Tour, $12-$15
Did you know that at one point much of Seattle burned to the ground? Well, it did! You can take a tour that walks you underground, to the original foundation of the's creepy and ghostly and damp and cold- a nice break from the hot sun, any day! Plus, it's funny.

3. Mariner's Game, $6
The Mariner's Stadium, Safeco Field, is amazing! First, it's very, very clean. Second, it's outdoors so when the sky is blue, it's beautiful. Last, they have a neat program where you can bring in your Nintendo DS and watch the game on it, talk to other people via the chat about the game, and even order food- straight to your seat! We brought mine and used it, but it seemed weird watching a game when it was going on right in front of you. :) Watch for special days, too -We went on a day where the first 2,000 got 'soul patches!' Fun fun fun, and I bought a shirt from the gift shop for $6 (it was a children's size Large).

4. Visit local Breweries: Reedhook & Mac N' Jacks, free!
If you like beer and you like fun, find a brewery and take the tour. Redhook gives away shot glasses at the end and Mac N' Jacks gives you a huge glass- plus they both let you try their classic beers and teach you the history of them and the difference between ale and lager.

5. Visit the Electronic Music Project and Science Fiction Museum, $12-15
This place is amazing. I learned that in the famous episode of Star Trek where Uhura kisses Captain Kirk, it was supposed to be Spock! But Bill Shatner was like, oh hell no, I want that African Queen- that Nubian Princess! Music history, science fiction movies and books, instrument playing, learning about artists- it's very awesome. It closes early, so get there at opening time, and it's right by the Space Needle and Key Arena. You can't miss the EMP, the design is unique and it's a big gold and shiny red curved building.

6. Sample Local Stuff!
Drive around, drink espresso from a shack, stop at a roadside cider house, or visit one of the areas many ValueVillage thrift shops! This is where I have spent $50 and walked out with nearly 100 boardgames (WITH ALL THE PIECES!)

7. Day trip to Vancouver! I'll do another post about that, later :)
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