Money Card: An American Express Travel Game

Ok so I have found the perfect culmination of my two loves: board games and traveling. That's right, it can be done! I found a local antique stop, called Flo's Antique Accents, in Winter Park. The place was filled mostly with furniture, glassware, and other house decorations, so I immediately spat out 'boardgames?' to the attendant, so that he could say 'nope' and I could get out of there. The furniture cleaner/polish fumes were stabbing my headache in the nads.

Anyway, to my surprise, he said that while they didn't carry any in that particular store, they may have some in their warehouse, which stores all the items gained from the big estate sales they purge. He sent me about a mile away, to Flo's Attic, where they did have board games. Many. of. Board. Games.

So, long story short, after purging the shelves for complete sets of games, the attendant, a really nice young man named Nick, told me I could have ALL of them for $10! Another boardgame success story. I grabbed a few boxes, stuffed the games in them, threw them into my car- before Nick could change his mind- paid, and left!

There were some great finds in there, but the game that has to do with this post, the American Express one, is awesome. Check out the pictures below- the little plastic planes are adorable! You visit the different countries and do something or other- has anybody played this? Looks so fun! I can't wait to force my friends to play it with me!
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