TechTravel: GoGo InFlight Internet (FINALLY!)

This is sooo exciting.  First, can I say how awesome the website alone is- the user interface is so easy to use and clean.  It's fresh, inviting and friendly.  It is welcoming and encourages users to explore the site rather than bombarding visitors with too much information and a barrage of user-experience questions, surveys and my most-hated, credit card requests.  

So GoGo is simply inflight wifi access, "wifi with wings."  There are a number of informative videos located here.  My favorite is the InFlight Etiquette- the basic rules are, wear head phones, don't voice-chat with people, and no porn. Lovely!  Right now my choices are limited to a) broken inflight entertainment systems, b) paying for digiplayers, c) or entertaining myself with my iPod shuffle/sleeping.  GoGo's site seems to be compatible with all popular phones, too.  Yep, the iPhone is on the list!

Right now, the area of coverage is only the continental US, as you can see in their map below:
And, it is currently only available with American Airlines (174 flights carry GoGo every week), but is launching soon via AirCanada, Delta, and Virgin America!  The price is $12.95- not bad!
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