Travel Buyables: Zuca Bags!

Dubbed "the only customizable luggage you can sit on," Zuca bags are a constant jet setter's heaven.  You know how much I love me some videos, so here is some education for your eyes:

Snazzy to the MAX.  Let's recap, between the ability to hold the weight of a little woman, the fact that it doubles as a dresser on wheels (complete with little drawers!) and hello, it rolls and fits in the over head compartment of planes- this excess is baggage I'd be happy to hold onto.  According to the Zuca Maniacs! page on the site, it is even the "luggage of choice" for the cast of Boston Legal, look at that brave bag, supporting the weight of ol' Cap'n Kirk!  Yum.
You can get in on the game, too.  There is room for everybody in Zuca's world of customizable luggage, so be sure to check back next year when they hold their annual Design Contest - a winner has already been announced for 2009. 

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  1. Justine Says:

    Hello! Cool blog about ZÜCA! Just wanted to stop by and comment that the 2009 ZÜCA Design Contest was JUST launched, so no winner for '09 has been announced yet =)