Travel Info: US Passport Cards

I'm usually really jealous of Europe because they seem so...organized.  An international railway system, the Euro, the Chunnel- all of these things help connect the individual European countries into one highly navigable continent.  Boy would I like to be able to take a super-fast train from Orlando to Boston for less than a plane ticket... but alas, this escapes us, yet.

What is cool to find out, though, is that a new organization, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, is working on bridging national gaps for North America and into Latin America. How? Simple, two new endeavors, listed below, are making travel much easier.  The US Passport Card, for example, is FAR easier to carry than a typical passport and fits nicely in our wallet- plus it costs less than a US Passport.  However, it is only valid for land or sea travel, so don't expect to fly to Europe on it.  The other is a Western Hemisphere driver's license, which you can read more about below.

U.S. Passport Card – This is a new, limited-use travel document that fits in your wallet and costs less than a U.S. Passport. It is only valid for travel by land and sea.

Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) – Several states and Canadian provinces are issuing this driver’s license or identification document that denotes identity and citizenship. It is specifically designed for cross-border travel into the U.S. by land or sea.

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