Tech Travel: Skylino Baby Pod

Have you ever walked into the home of somebody who'd recently had a baby and you go to the baby's room and that's when you hear it: a heart beat. It's actually quite creepy. Apparently, though, that's sold for a reason: babies need to be near the bodies of their mothers. I've since read that they become accustomed to the sound of the mother's beating heartbeat while in the womb and so, the metronome heartbeat soothes them, creepy as it maybe!
All in all, children are calmer, more soothed when they are closer to their parents- all snuggled up. Drumroll, please! Here comes Skylino, sort of like a fancy pants snugli meant to keep a child close to the parent while their hands are busy putting luggage away and getting settled on the plane. Designed over by the people at Yanko, the child pod is stylishly designed keeping in mind the three point belts used in modern planes. No price, but whatever you spend, just keep the kiddies quiet on my 7 hour flight from Seattle to Orlando. Thank you :)
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