Flashback Trip: Road Trip 2006 Part 1

On this road trip, Adrian, Adam, Kevin and I met up with our friend Dane, who attends Washington and Lee University in Virginia. We drove up I-95 and then headed West. We played the celebrity game to pass the time. Anyway, we got so wrapped-up in the game we overshot our exit by nearly 2 hours.

We finally made it to our destination in Virginia. Dane took us back to Natural Bridge and a quaint little ice cream parlor off campus. The town itself is beautiful and the school is so old! I like the story about Robert E. Lee's horse, Traveller, which is buried in the town church.

We also drove to Washington DC and went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian, the museums of modern art and natural history. We also had a hook-up in the Capitol and were able to walk inside the congress building, we had a great tour it was really interesting. Thanks Tom Feeney!

We visited the White House, of course, there were no protestors. Kevin and I went to the Library of Congress, where I was able to find documents and manuscripts of my great-grandfather, Julius Conus's, music- as well as other Conus family members [George, Leon]! We also visited Arlington Cemetary and watched the changing of the guard, there were also a lot of Amish vacationing.

Note: We found a dead rat outside the subway, which smelled like pee for about a 3,435 ft sq radius. Our hotel was gross and the matress was nasty. I found a mobile pupusa stand!


Adam managed to pee in a cup, while sitting in the car!
Kevin spotting the rat that stayed plastered to the sidewalk for 2 days.
Me finding the pupusa-mobile!
My 'I farted on...' campaign, which included the Library of Congress, Hitler, Adam,etc.

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How to Play the Travel Celebrity Game
wherein one person names a famous person and then the next player names another person whose name starts with the same letter of the last person's last name. [Ex: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovni, Dolly Parton, Pierce Brosnan, etc.]
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