Flashback Trip: Weekend Mini-Trips= Mega Fun!

Man, I haven't been here in a while, but be ready for the SLEW of posts I have half-written, waiting to be completed and unleashed. I have tons to write about, but I thought I'd focus on this past weekend's super awesomeness.

Friday night, I left work kind of late, but I popped in About Schmidt, starring Jack Nicholson and Kathy Bates. Let me tell you, I saw Bates boobs, and Nicholson boobs. Yeah. When you're that age, guys, it's time to tuck it in. Please. Kathy, you're my girl, and a fabulous actor- you don't need your burlap sacks swingin' in the wind, ok? And Jacky-boy, you're a millionaire already, if these are the only projects you have left...move on, man. Move. On.

Anyway, Kevin and I were left staring at the screen, blinking. It was late and we were generally confused, we went to bed. Saturday morning I awoke to the very loud midi-sounds of my cell phone. I know it's old, don't hate.

Pete: Hey, you up? Me: What? Yeah, when are you getting here? Pete: I'm outside. Me: Oh. Bye.

So I squeezed into my bathingsuit, like a gentle porpoise trying to slip into a body stocking. It's a one-piece, I'm not brave enough for even a tankini. I grabbed my trusty beach bag, and the three of us drove to Blizzard Beach! Kevin hooked us up with sweet $20 tickets- Yay for connections! We had a few hours before Kenny and Julius show up, so we went to town. Lazy river, wave pool, team tubing, toboggan racing, you name it! I could tell Kevin was kind of apprehensive with the heights, but he was a good sport and waited patiently while Pete and I ran upto the 'Slush Gusher' slide- I swear I came off that damn thing- and I had the WORST wedgie afterwards!

After Julius and Kenny showed up, we did it all again! None of us got burned, but we did suffer a few scrapes from the rough bottoms of the wave pool and lazy river. For lunch we hit up Golden Corral and got our fat on. Julius kept trying to befriend this little lady bug, he was concerned it would die what with being stuck inside the restaurant. Then, he accidentally killed it. :( He was genuinely sad. Then we went to see Shrek the Third. It was cool, and my lover was in it [John Krasynski].

That night, we went to sleep bronzed, fat, and happy. The next morning I took Pete and Kevin to the Breakfast Club, downtown, for breakfast. It was good, and then Kevin and I drove to Mall at Millenia. I bought a ton of stuff, and then we went to Celebration, where we enjoyed amazing Kilwin's Ice Cream! I'd never been to Celebration, but I highly recommend jumping in your car and just driving around. It's a ton of fun. The shopping goal was to find the perfect 'cool' outfit for that night: the Arctic Monkeys show. I wore an awesome pair of long brown shorts, and a black top, with my new orange flats. Kevin wore some shirt and corduroy blue pants! Super awesome!

Then I got my eye brows did, where I was partially assaulted by the little Asian lady. In short, her plans to attack my bikini zone were thwarted, but she succeeded at a sneak-attack of my upper lip! Ouch. :( Enough said.

Cool outfits purchased, and bellies full of ice cream, we went back to my house so that Kevin could pack-up. After, we drove to HardRock and at the prestigious Café. It's not that expensive, I definitely recommend it! When we got into the show, some bleach-blonde stick of a girl was convulsing on the stage. As Kevin says in his blog, "
Of course, being the spontaneous people that Nicky and I are, we tried to dance like her. Needless to say, it hurt our bodies and we were quick to stop writhing with her."
But when the Arctic Monkeys came on, all bets were off. We were out of control. We clapped, we yelled, we threw our fists into the air and kicked around. It was like we had our own show, pretty much- everybody else just faded away. Good thing, too, they were boring anyway. After the show, we drove home, straining out our voices to that skkkyyyy diving, rocky mountain climbinnngggg song. :) It was an awesome weekend, and I'm sad it's over, but it reminded me of how much fun hanging out with my friends and family is- given the right environment.

Kevin, you're welcome. :)
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  1. Loved It! What a great weekend...I miss Orlando.