Tech Travel: Polaroid PoGo

I love Polaroid. I have a Polaroid camera that I still buy film for, even though it's nearly $40 for a pack of two film cartridges. I love snapping the pictures while driving around with my friends and then fanning them out on the back seat. Polaroids are the missing link between cataloging memories and the digital age.

Here's why: nearly everybody has a digital camera now, and so, they never feel the need to print out the pictures they take. How many hundreds of pictures do you take on vacation, versus how many get printed out and put on display? Not many, I'm sure. Polaroids would be a poor choice of camera, though, because you don't get very many exposures, the film is very expensive, and the camera itself is bulky and cumbersome to carry around. Until now!
Instead of updating the Polaroid camera, Polaroid has updated the 'instant photo' aspect, by building a handheld printer! It's called the Polaroid PoGo, and it's a small printer that connects to your phone or digital camera, and prints out the color images on special, peelable sticky paper. Each photo prints out in less than a minute!

So, when you're camera gets full, instead of sacrificing pictures, go back to your hotel and start printing out the pictures! You can keep a travel log book with you, or just mail them back to your home, and they'll be waiting when you get there! Pretty neat. I'm really excited about this because I'm always the one that takes pictures and I'd love to take a picture of me and stick it on my luggage, for example. Or just imagine, if I'd had the printer, I could have printed out that picture of me and Brian Setzer and had him sign it! Neat.
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