Flashback Trip: Day Trip to Vancouver

While Kevin was up visiting me in Seattle, we decided to take a day trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Many movies are filmed there and lots of actors are born out of Vancouver, so let's be honest, I was pretty sure Kevin and I would be walking down the street and an unrecognizable director would stop us on the street and say- 'Hold the phone...I need you for my new film about two young, round kids wandering around Canada!'

Naturally, we grabbed Pete's GPS, no maps, and headed North. Right away, we had issues with the GPS system, so we turned on the camera to tape our issues and voila! It worked, watch here.

The day was grey, misty, and cold. We stopped at a place called Wins Inn for some lunch, which consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich, pea soup, and hot chocolate for me- and a sandwich, waffle fries, ketchup and coke for Kevin, in a town called Happy Valley.

We finally started seeing signs for the border and finally, after a few hours, some jamming tunes, and understanding the metric system, we were in Canada!! The first thing we did was find a local science museum, Science World, which was awesome! Check out all the images, they had a cool exhibit about sexuality and the human body- aging, muscles, the nervous system- very neat. We took pictures. of. everything!

After that- oh and by the way, we paid a homeless man money to give us the parking pass to park at Science World, he picks up valid ones from the trash and sells them to visitors- so after that, we drove around to the parks and walk paths around the city, it was very pretty. We even found a small amusement park that was absolutely empty- with totem poles and cherry blossom trees. To be honest, Vancouver was pretty empty, gray and boring. I was glad to drive back to the bumpin' US of A- besides, our 'Welcome to the USA!' sign was much better than the 'Welcome to Canada' sign...what gives, Canada!?

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