Travel Buyables: Travel Toothbrushes

With current TSA regulations, I've seen a few people have their tubes of toothpaste get tossed for being over the 3oz rule. However, there are currently solutions that are TSA compliant, in the form of travel toothbrush-and-toothpaste combined toothbrushes! I recently bought a Fresh&Go, which you'll read more about below, but I thought I'd research a bit more and see if there were other option out there, too.

1. Fresh&Go's simple, non-electronic design is basically a tube reservoir of toothpaste that travels up the stem of the brush to the head, where it is dispensed directly within the bristles through a small hole, when you turn the little dial.

It's not the fanciest toothbrush, but the bristles are soft and firm enough to get the job done. The packaging says they're good for up to 30 uses- and at $2 at Walgreens, it's definitely worth picking up a few and just throwing them in your travel bags/make up cases. I've used it and I really do love it- the cap even has a small pole that plugs the toothpaste dispenser, so there's no mess when you put it away. Additionally, the clear plastic always shows you how much toothpaste is left. Neat. Fresh&Go's website offers children's brushes, the standard adult brushes, and since the product is made in Israel, a $10 pack of 6 brushes with kosher toothpaste, for Passover.

2. Next up, a more sleek portable toothbrush, by OHSO. This one looks a bit less functional, because of it's size, but basically, it is composed of a refillable chamber that screws onto the toothbrush head, and dispenses toothpaste through a rubber nozzle within the bristles. It looks like you can screw on a small travel-sized tube, but the toothbrush head is only Colgate compliant. A neat thing about the chamber is that there is a window that shows you how much toothpaste is left in there. It doesn't seem to be getting good reviews, though; and at $18-20, it's a pricey toy to test. The OHSO site also offers a clear version.

3. Last, the Sonicare Intelliclean 8300- is as fancy as it sounds! While this product has since been discontinued, as far as I can find online, I still see it in local stores like Target, Wal-Mart, etc. So, if you really wanted one, all you need is around $90-150. There are a few places online that have got it, here, here and even here, too. This product is definitely the Cadillac of 2-in-1 toothbrush/toothpaste technology- it's a Phillips Sonicare electronic, sonic toothbrush which is already fancy; plus it dispenses Crest toothpaste gel via small disposable cartridges you place in the brush. Do you feel your wallet emptying, yet? If I could afford this, I'd definitely get it- if only just to try it out!
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